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boarding ladder for 2200v pathfinder

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I would like to add a boarding ladder to the back of my 2007 2200v.  I have a transducer on the  starboard side and extended trim tabs.  I am considering mounting an Armstrong 3 or 4 step single pole ladder on the starboard side because of easier access to the under side of the deck.  I am maturing and fish alone frequently. Getting back into the boat if I should fall out has become a real safety issue for me.  I would like to know which bracket to use for the ladder and where do you store the ladder when it is not in the bracket so that it can be reached from the water? I would appreciate any information you could give me on installation and use of this ladder.  T:hank you.  Bob W

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There are quite a few boarding ladder/ platforms available.  Not a huge fan of the bracket types as it is difficult to engage the ladder into the bracket once you are outside the boat!  I will take a picture of the platform I have on my 2200 and post it here.



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21 minutes ago, Williep said:

Not sure what the back of a 2007 look's like but this is what I have on my 2001.





Just like your pictures.  Does the step just flip all the way over to lay flat on the white deck (starboard or whatever it is)?

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It sounds like your main reason for considering a boarding  ladder is if you accidentally end up overboard. That would be the biggest reason for not using the single pole bracket type . I would recommend a platform like the other guys have already posted with a three step ladder. That third step makes a huge difference getting on the ladder. 

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