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7-16 tuna


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I was getting all excited thinking the mahi had finally showed.  I had everything ready to go and we got a nice and early start.  We made our way out the 2-4 foot seas and worked the ocean all the way out to 2100 feet.  Not a hit or anything.  Not even a weed line, just scattered which I believe is the main reason for the lack of fish this year.  Came across a bamboo and it held nothing as well.  The seas started to pick up some so we headed back to a few wrecks to try our luck there.  We only managed to pull 1 blackfin in but at least it saved the day.  We called it early as we were tired of getting bounced around.
Until next weekend!!

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On 7/19/2016 at 8:13 AM, conocean said:

One fish for the table can save the day!  Great, now I'm craving a Crush grape soda,,,,,

It's funyn you say that.  I saw a guy at the docks with one and I just had to go out and get it.  I actually made a special trip just for a grape soda. lol

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