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1996 Hewes- 19 Redfisher w/tunnel


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I found this boat in Central Texas recently.  I don't know much about hull and I wondering if some of the guys on the forum that run these could answer a few questions for me?  I am used to running padded V-bottom hulls in the 22-24ft range with big power so this is a new world to me.  It's really cool boat and it's super clean for a 1996 model!  Seems to be really well taken care of.  I can't wait spend some time behind the wheel and learn this hull.  

What speed could I expect out of the hull running a 150HP Yamaha SHO?

Max HP? (the coast guard tag says 130HP)

Draft and Draft on plane? 

What prop performs the best on tunnel hull?

What's the value of this boat as it sits with 800 hrs on it?  Motor is a 1996 130HP Yamaha Salt Water Edition. 

Thanks in advance!





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I have a 1995 with Tunnel and 150 mariner.  I'm jealous yours looks to be in much better shape and I love the color.  It's a really nice boat but it's not quick with the tunnel.  I'm about to start playing with the prop but I can't get to 40mph on mine with 21 pitch prop (I have a post in the prop section but no one has responded).  I'm in College Station, Tx if you have any questions let me know.  I've had to tinker with the wiring and plumbing a bit.  Haven't done much salt fishing yet with it.  Got it stuck in West Galveston the other day in less than a foot of water.  Probably needs around 10" or less to float.  Should do the same or a little less on plane.

Value in Texas might vary just because most folks aren't looking for this style boat.  In Florida I bet you could get a couple grand more for it.  I paid just under $6K for mine in OK which is a good ways from Saltwater and like I said mine isn't as clean as yours seems.  I would guess somewhere between $7-$9K is a fair value in Texas.  I've seen similar boats list for more on CL but normally sit a long time.

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Thanks for the reply Kockness.

I paid a bit more for mine that you are valuing the boat at but I was ok with that because the boat is in very good condition and it has a stereo, troll, and gps.  Based on the condition of the trailer and the boat, it's looks like it has had minimal saltwater use. My plan is to use it as a second boat down in Port Mansfield.  IMO 6K is a steal on a Hewes Redfisher!  I think I could probably get between 14-16k for this boat because of the condition.  

Speed was my biggest concern because I make alot of runs south of Corpus.  I think i can get 40 MPH with the right prop.  

How is the hull on fuel?   

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If it's really that clean and taken care of it's probably worth it.  I've put some sweat, blood and a grand or so already into mine.  I'm a bit of a tight wad so I may not be the best person to evaluate boat prices.  I think they're all to expensive LOL.  The thing with these Florida style boats in Texas is they aren't as well known so price is all over the place but generally lower than in Florida.  I've seen some Action Crafts with a very wide range of asking prices on CL.  I like these boats because I bass fish some and I can lay down my rods but still get the space and seating of a center console.  They also do well in rough water but still run shallow.  Lots of storage too.

I think the non tunnel (mainly from what I've read on the forum) is much faster like 50mph with similar motors.  Just trying to estimate I burnt maybe a third to half tank running around 40mi or so in West Galveston with a ton of no wake time in the canals.  Following the rule of thirds you should be close for a trip to Baffin from Marker 37.  If you make that run I'd try it just over 30mph the first time trip down then see how much fuel you have left.  I pull mine behind a V6 explorer without any trouble so if nothing else it's efficient to tow.

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Awesome guys. I have a 1995 Redfisher 19 tunnel too. 1998 Optimax, not super pretty like the OPs sled but I love it. Just installed a 5" Simrad on it and some new fuel lines. Solid boat. I put a brand new trailer under it. Laguna your boat looks great. I'd suspect 11-13k all day.

I saw a pretty poor condition Hewes 19 redfisher with a tired 2 stroke johnson in OK sell for 6.5k last year before I got mine (I wanted to buy that one but missed it). I wont say what I bought mine for, I got a great deal from a very good guy.

Looking to get my polling platform hinged so it will fold and fit in the garage next. Us TX Hewes guys should go fish sometime.

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