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03' VMAX HPDI - Running Rough In Gear - Solution


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So have had a random issue where motor starts fine every time but when I put it in gear it's running rough and RPMs just aren't there. Usually fixed by going back to neutral and restarting. Sometimes it works on the first restart sometimes when it was at its worst it would take maybe 10 restarts.

When it runs, it runs perfect so wasn't thinking fuel related, plus filters aren't that old. 

Found a post here : http://www.thehulltruth.com/boating-forum/489874-250-hpdi-max-rpm-3500-problem-resolved.html

Of the guy having the same problem which was caused by the shift position indicator not telling the motor that it was in gear and to switch from 4 cylinders in neutral to 6 cylinders when in gear.

Switch is very easy to replace. Located on the starboard side of the motor once you remove 3 10mm bolts holding the electrical fuses/wiring, 4 phillips head screws to remove wiring cover and 2 10mm bolts that secure grounds to the motor. The electrical assembly shifts out of the way and access can be made to the 2 phillips head screws holding the switch, after that unplug the harness and reverse steps for the new switch. Done in under 30min. 

Tested yesterday and started up every time and ran smoothly in gear. 

Just wanted to get this on the forum in case anyone else has similar symptoms and saves themselves all the time and money of going through and replacing all the filters. 

Part is: 60V-8259F-00

Tight lines!

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