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I just wanted to give credit where it is due for great customer service.


I finally wanted to build a rod for myself instead of building and fixing them for buddies.  I have ordered blanks and other supplies from Getbit in the past but it was always just clicking the "Add to cart" button.  I had a few questions about this build and made a few calls to Getbit and every time they made me feel like I was walking into your friendly tackle shop.  I placed an order and a day or two later I received a call from them.  They had call to say sorry for the delay on the shipment as the parts were on backorder from the supplier and the should be here on day X which they were.  There was no need for the call but it shows how they run a business.  I am not knocking the other supplier out there as they have been good but the service at Getbit was defiantly a step above.  

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