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2010 Islamorada OT


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Where did you get this information??? Has MBC announced this somewhere on their site???

I want to go to one of these get-togethers in the Keys.... They certainly sound like fun!!!

I just hate to make reservations if the dates are not confirmed....

------<" ){{{{*><

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You know there will be cancellations come September. Get your room and get on them in September for a slip.


It's a good time... fishing and just relaxing and hanging out with other owner's. You can be as serious as you want about fishing or just sit at the basin watching the kids fish. More than a few groups run over to Flamingo for reds/snook. Nice place to see how other owner's have rigged their boats.

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How 'bout some info on it from you vets? Snook, Reds, Trout, Tarpon, Permit, .... ?

Limitless, YES, yes, yes, yes all those fish are caught down there during the OT, but you also need to add another, BONEFISH! Of course everyone here that knows me understands that it is not me who catch those fish!!!

Its a great time, nothing too intense (right Bubba?, lol). We usually run over to Flamingo and encourage newbies to join us for the ride over and back. This is a vey laid back fun time for us.

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Looking forward to my first Owner's Tournament. Been hearing about it for years!

Looks like as the date rolls near, I'll begin launching out of the Keys instead of Flamingo on my Friday fishing trips!!!

Had a blast meeting a few of you guys during the GNP process, looking forward to meeting more.

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hey dbl, good to hear the wake-ups well b/4 it is actually time to wake up, like last year.

thanks to charlie or whoever at h/m/p/c for getting this thread up and running early this year for the 010. charlie, ***uming that the format for the 010 will be same or similar to the 09, or has that not been decided upon yet?? we all enjoyed the format last year. a suggestion for this year though is that you guys reintroduce the long sleve o.t. t-shirts with the nice graphics. i know our group, at least, would pay a few extra bucks if necessary. the ones from a few years ago are on their last legs.

the so. fla. 21's are in as usual this year (g8r, huntfish & seaweed) as well as maxx in the 18 and dixie flyer in the 16, along with all of our womens. rooms/slips were taken care of at the last o.t.

dreaming of warmer weather which should be coming soon; therefore, time to get this party started:

1. g8r

2. huntfish

3. seaweed

4. maxx

5. dixie flyer

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Unless you all would like to do things differently, I had planned on an a la carte format similar to last year. I'm a fan of the long sleeve T's as well. For a few bucks more, we could probably go the micro fiber route. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out. After wearing those new Skiffworld tech T's, I have a hard time going back to cotton. You all just let me know what you want to do.

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I agree too, Charlie ! I got 2 of these shirts when Skiffworld posted them up.. and my son took both of them back to Tallah***ee with him.

They are great looking, and great to wear !

What are you thinking about the food this year ?

If possible, please post the menu so we can decide if we want to grill up some additional goodies.

I'm not bichin.. I understand the numbers involved. I just want to be able to fire up some extra steaks and fish on the side.


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