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1990 Hewes Bonefisher with 2007 150hp e-tec


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i would love to take you up on that. definitely if i could get a ride in that wicked boat.

where i grew up in fla. a ling tower was nice. in clear water it can really make a big difference in sighting fish. i had a theory that big fish were naturally boat shy....and the tower would alow you to sight them from a long distance. then ease up to them. inboard center console boats were so nice for this....so quiet in the water compared to outboards.

ask my dad about the m***ssive hammerhead they spotted and pulled up to at pensacola beach in the 70's.....dad estimated it to be at least 18 feet long! and he is trying his best to be conservative. others on the boat said it to be over 20.... it was not much shorter than the 24 ft. boat they were on.

some of the ling were fun....pull up and drift in front of a ling just cruising west down the beach...turn the motor off.....get on the tower and watch them head straight for the boat.....then climb under the shade of the boat and just sit there......

or anchored up for a while snapper fishing with dad. he tells me...'grab that big boat rod we use for kings...but a big chunk of squid on a hook....and just lay it over the side'......

watching that m***ive fish come out of the shade to grab that squid was a fond memory.

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