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Mates Barra Bash


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Thanks for the Aussie fishing site, sorry for the delay but new computer and windows 7 has goven me some issues with downsizing photos that I am still addressing. Here is the first of a bunch of stories of recent trips.

Great Scenery, Flats and Gutter fishing, Cathing Barra's on hard bodies, surface and soft plastics, Watching them all swim away to grow up, gathering back at the hotel for a drink or three to tell stories. Some things Mastercard can't buy.











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Cool pic's WAZ, glad you guy's had a great time. Hey Waz how fast is that boat with that 150 E-tech. I was able to get mine up to 40-41 WOT and light by myself with the 90 E-tech and 13 1/4 x 16P 4 blade prop that I put on and cruze about 32-34 MPh. It's amazeing how much money I save on fuel now and the torque that this little engine has to just get up and go.

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Hey barebones,

I am getting 60 mph with the 22 inch 3 blade Raker II prop and about 55 mph with the 20 inch 4 blade e-tec prop. I can cruise on 45 mph comfortably which was close to my old top speed with the 115 hp four stroke yammy. Fuel economy has been around the same if crusing on 45 mph but if you push around the 50 + it gets a bit thirsty as you would expect but no different to running my old F115 at full noise.

Hole shot is like a sling shot and planeing in a boat length with tabs down. All stats are with two medium sized guys, full fuel, full tackle and ice box full.

Happy as so far.


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