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2013 Pathfinder 2200 $31,995


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31 minutes ago, gamecocks2001 said:

If it only had a 250.  It wouldn't be that cheap if it did though. Just seems too underpowered. 

There are more Pathy 2200's powered with Yamaha 150's than any other hp.  The 150 will generally push this hull to about 45 mph, maybe a little more if the boat is lightly equipped.

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If I hadn't just bought mine, I'd prob be all over this.  

Unless your a tournament fisherman I cant see How it's not enough power.  I bet most of the people saying the 150 isnt enough haven't even ridden in one with it. I too was a skeptical of the 150 until I rode on one (and other boats with it) and was pleasantly surprised.

BTW, don't think the f200 is gonna give you much if any more. Even If I had the opportunity to order new, I wouldnt spend the extra on the f200, it literally isn't worth the price increase.  I dont know if there's even a measurable difference, but certainly not much of a seat of the pants difference.

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