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FPI snapper- Muttons, mangroves & ARS 8-21-16


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Was able to do a father son trip last night… I was hesitant after the abysmal last few trips but you cant catch them at the house and it was as good a thing to do as any so we pulled out early afternoon.
Made bait pretty quick (threads and dines) and the seas were calmer than Ive seen them in the evening in a while.  It was only 6pm and given how calm it was I decided to shoot out to my spots  in the 60-80’ area that I havent fished at night all year.  The sounder wasn’t marking to much to be impressed with but Id seen worse so we started fishing.
  It wasn’t to long and I pulled up the first snapper… a decent mangrove which gave us confidence to stay for a bit.  We picked away at the snapper over a period from 7:30-11p, my son boated 2 nice Muttons and I was doing work on the mangos.   A few ARS mixed in… one absolute dinosaur which taped out at 34”L and 26.5” girth… I knew it was a snapper and a big one so had my son break out the net before we even had color.

Ended up with 2 muttons, 4 mangroves, 3 ARS & 1 nice beeliner…. ARS released of course GRRR!  Not a stupendous trip but Ive had my son out a time or 2 and blanked due to conditions or poor weather so this was his first trip actually catching some snaps so Ill take a trip like that anytime.






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