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Toggle switch boot cover


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I picked some up from Newark/Element14 (newark.com) but I can't seem to find my order info to tell you which one.  If you search "switch boot" you will see their ridiculous selection.  I'm guessing it's one of the two below.  I'll keep trying to find my order info and will repost if I can find it.  

They are very nice - brass thread and great price.  Not sure about UV stability.  They have a variety of materials that might last longer.  But for these prices you can replace them every year or two.

http://www.newark.com/nte-electronics/54-905/switch-boot/dp/32M5614 (I'm thinking it was this one)

http://www.newark.com/multicomp/mcw-70a/waterproof-cover-black-toggle/dp/05W3219 (this one is metric?)

Good luck,


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