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Cheap boat mods


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Hey guys, after being on here for years I have seen some really neat boat mods that were relatively inexpensive. I was thinking it would be cool to start a thread where people post cool mods or ideas they have done or seen. I wish I had some to start it off but I can't think of any off the top of my head. Does anyone want to start it off? 

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I love storage . 

There is a big void between the hull and the fwd storage liner .

I opened it up , added Sea-Dek inside the void , so nothing could escape .

This frees up alot of space .

In the winter , there will be two fleece hoodies , two sweat pants and two sets of rain gear .

Thats just on the starboard side .

Port side has two MRE's a thermacell and an emergancy pint of Crown.

Keeps the main compartment tidey and the important things at the ready .


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It's hard to quote prices on custom one off pieces .

It's all Ala Carte ( spelling )

Just the controls alone , can double the price .

Std old school cable and hyd . Vs fly by wire .

Choice of box can make a differance .

Heck , the steering wheel can be hundreds more .

One of the most important factors to consider is , can the top accomidate the added weight and stress of the upper station ,

One may have to add more beef to the top.

Getting up and down has to be added in.

IMHO OEM tops do not meet my structural requirements for that job .

The top has to be beefy !

My 35 yrs of exp .

and $.02

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Ok ...

Back on topic .

Having a small skiff and love doing long backcountry trips , space , is my best friend .

Really not sure why most will just drop two huge batteries straight down into the front console area .

With some planning , that space can be wide open .

Then, the backside of the console provides more storage for gear .

Ever go to the sandbar with friends ?

The live well makes s great day cooler and frees up having that extra cooler on deck.









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8 hours ago, fishmanjj said:

Fin, that is one good looking t top with 2 nd station, I've been wanting to do that to my PF for a while. What do you think the cost  $ would be ? 

approx. 3200. for the t-top and another 2500. for the 2nd. station. oversize piping was use and plenty beefy. no shake or vibration of any kind. upper station has controls, steering wheel, tab rocker switch, one gauge and ram mounted gps and start/stop buttons. lower controls cannot be used when using uppers and visa versa. all controls must be in nutrual  before using one or the other. good safety factor.

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Slight change in how I use my console tackle station. Instead of using it in the tilt position, I let mine down onto the cooler cushion. Covered the top with non-skid material. It's just the right height while standing. Also mounted a leader dispenser which made finding and cutting just the right length much easier.



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On September 1, 2016 at 7:01 PM, Miss Jazzy said:

I'll start. I've done this to my last two Pathy's as I didn't like the electronics or how they were mounted and most gps's will not fit flush mount on the older consoles. Just takes a small piece of starboard and your imagination.

'02 before and after




'06 TE before and after



I went to Lowes and for pennies I bought some black  plastic covers for the screws on the electronics panel. Look in the hardware section.

If it ever quits raining I will take a pic and post it.

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