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Garmin G2/G2 Vision


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So - quick question: Is there a difference between the g2 and the g2 vision for the regular navigation view? I have a g2vision card for East Coast FL, and it has the aerials and fish eye....which I never use.

So, here is the story, wanting coverage in other areas I bought the G2 card for all the US, but now I am seeing my GPS, garmin GPSmap 541s, is pre-loaded with G2 version 3.01. So I am thinking that the chart I just bought is really not going to do anything (it is a slightly newer version, but nothing else). And I never use the fancy stuff on the G2vision, so do I really need either of them?

Thinking the answer is no and I am going to have 2 chips for sale very soon, but looking for confirmation before I get rid of them. Appreciate the help - Nehrke

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