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Crabbing Mission 2


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Weather is all over the place with storms still around and winds getting nasty after lunch so crabbing it is ofr the day. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The sequence is as easy as ABC - I think the pictures tell the story and show our cooking process as well. Only part I didn't show you was the cold beer that goes with them.















And they still taste great - All crabbed up now and walking sideways so back to the fishing.

















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Waz - great reports and pics on crabbing "down-under" :o ! Thanks for sharing.

Man, those are some claws - but full of meat, I bet :) .

You might try a little trick I use to calm those critters down so they don't pinch so hard in case they get hold of you - just put a little ice in with them in the ice chest or bucket - it will slow their metabolism down to the point they act like they are drunk :content: .

Dang, I'm hungry for crabmeat now - next month and the big 'uns will be running :) .

Ken K

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Hey Will-i-am,

There just called Mud Crabs. Muddies or Rusty Bucks are a few other aussie terms we call them.

Ken K, what sort do you guys chase over there. If you get a chance post a story with a few photos as I haven't seen too many crab stories on the forum and I interested in the different species you catch over there.



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Waz - sorry I'm late getting back to you, mate.

I've got a report on "crabbing" here on the Gulf coast, but for some !@#$% reason, the forum server/program won't let me click on "manage files" to add some pics.

I'll try to figure out the problem - may be with my computer, but I don't think so.


Ken K

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Ok, I think I've got this figured out - the dang "pop-up" blocker in the browser was keeping me from linking on "manage files" - let's try it again :confused: .

Waz - I had to go and dig out of my old photo album some pics taken with my 35mm Nikon - years ago before my digital camera - circa 2003.

I scanned the pics @ 150 dpi resolution, so the quality isn't great.

These are pics of a "crabbing" trip over in Louisiana - way back in the marsh.

I just use cotton line with a turkey neck for bait and a little bit of lead sinker.

I usually put out four lines after anchoring in a likely spot - pull the top on a "brewsky" and sit back and relax about five minutes before checking the lines.

I slowly pull the line up until I can barely see the crab, and try to slip a dip net under the critter before he (she) sees me - I usually win, but that also depends on how many "brewskys" I've had :) .

I only have pics of what we call "blue crab" - they are the most plentiful on the Gulf coast. There is also a variety called "stone crab" that are harvested for their claws only - you are allowed only one claw off a stone crab. Most of these are caught by commercial people in crab pots.

The blue crab claws are smaller than those monsters you guys get in Australia, but the meat is sooooooo sweet.

We boil the crabs pretty much the same way you have described. The claws we crack and pick out the meat and dip in a sauce made with catchup, worchestershire, horseradish, and lemon juice.

Saltine crackers and a few brewskys round out the meal.

I pick out the meat of the body of the crab and use in my seafood gumbo, along with a lot of shrimp.

Here are the blue crab pics - sorry I don't have any of the stone crab.

Happy crabbing, mate! :)

Ken K






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Awesome Ken,

Thanks for sharing.

We have a Blue swimmer crab which is a bit smaller but similar to yours. They are very sweet and usually found in more sandy waters out the front of creeks as compared to the mud crabs who like the mangrove estuary's and mud areas of the creeks.

Seems no matter where we live in the world Brewskies are required in the crabbing operation. :)

Cheers Waz

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All crabbed up now and walking sideways...

Great line, Waz!

Ken, those are the biggest blue crabs I've ever seen. Very nice.

Eat this Texican !


Waz, got these up north of Weipa a couple of years back, on Greg Bethune's "Seafaris".

They sure taste good.


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