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Celebration of Life


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Had the privilege today of using the skiff to assist a family.  I set up in the river, respectfully placed the US flag in holder on platform and using TM slowing motored away from the group on shore spreading their fathers remains upon the waters he loved.  Followed with a flower, I removed the flag, went under power and continued to travel till out of sight.     I share a poem read by his daughter

a sailing ship raises its white sails and glides out onto the open waters.  You see how it gets smaller...and smaller.  And where the sea and sky meet...it disappears.   When someone says "it has gone!" Another is saying "it has arrived!"   For death is a horizon...and a horizon is nothing more than the limit of our vision.  When we mourn the passing of our loved ones, others are happy to see them again, on the other side ..of the horizon.

i lost a good friend last week, as we prepare to celebrate his life (and many fun days catching fish) this poem really hit home.  Enjoy each day and cherish those who mean much to you.  Peace.

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