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Break in the Weather


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Well we woke up the next morning after the crabbing mission 2 to blue skies and a drop out of the weather from the 20 knots that we watched as we feasted on crabs from the balcony. I had the Redfisher down so we set off for the Cape Bowling Green Spit about 20 miles away still wary as the forecast was for afternoon 20's still.

Traversing the sand bars out front was interesting but with my local navigator showing the way through the gutters I set a trail on the Lowrance so we could easily follow our way home.

The fishing was pretty ordinary but we marked some good spots out there and believe we just need to explore some more and work on the tides. The spit has about 100 foot of water about 20 feet in front of it but the tides really stir things up here so there was alot of surface action but we were chasing Golden Grunter, Barramundi or Black Jew all of which we caught only juveniles.

The surface action from queenies, mackerel tuna's and trevallys was on-going but we can catch them anytime so didn't take gear out for them - Any Fly Fishers would have had a ball as I motored into the schools just to catch bait. Bloody tunas kept bumping my boat in there frenzy.

As the wind came up we headed back and my mate Rocky put me onto three different shoals to GPS where we marked some good big bommies but only caught a few small mouth nanagyi. These spots get better once winter comes.


001 - My Mates place where the crabbing missions begin from.

002 - looking out from the balcony.

003 - The creek which runs up beside his block.

004 - Nabbed this little fellow while we were chasing bait the afternoon before.

005 - The bowling green sand spit - not much to look at. A lot of sailors travelling the coast hide around the spit for safety until the weather drops.

006 - A queenfish which we kept for the BBQ that night.

007 / 008 - Hooked up big time on this 6 foot long White Spotted Shovel nose ray. Gave me some serious curry on the smallest baitcaster rod in the boat. We unhooked him and let him swim away - beautiful fish.

009 / 010 / 011 - The final flights for the long serving Carabou's which were de-commissioned. These two guys buzzed us and I think they were on there way south for retirement. There has been a squadron based in Townsville since I was a little kid and my dad used to take me out to watch them take off. It was sad to see them go but made for a nice end to the trip.

Chief you may have come across these aircraft when you flew into Townsville's airport on you visit.

























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