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First boat - buying a 2005 20v pathfinder

david Terry

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I ' I've been quietly researching and finally I'm going to take a look at a 2005 20V Pathfinder with a 2005 Yamaha 4 stroke with 600 hours.

Boat and engine look immaculate from the pics, but I wanted to ask for any advice around what i should be looking for when i inspect the boat and do the sea trial.

Any known weak spots that I should be paying special attention to?


Thanks a lot

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Here are the details


The Pathfinder name speaks for itself - Yamaha 150 4-Stroke, 605 Hrs
Carport or storage kept with a cover for all its life and in great shape.

Features:Center Console T-Top with storage compartment
11 Rod Holders (5 on T-Top, 4 on Seat Back, 1 on each gunnell)
Lenco Trim Tabs
Swim Ladder
Livewell and Recirc
Two deck lights (Blue)Two Rear 100W Fog lights mounted from T-Top
Underseat storage compartment
Two Batteries under center console with selector switch in rear compartment
Batteries can also be charged from outlet on center console but I have gone 6 weeks without running and never had an issue with the motor starting
Clarion Stereo with Ipod Hookup and Satelite Radio capabilities (June 2015)
4 JL Audio Speakers with Amplifier (no problems being heard!)
GPS/DepthFinder: Lowrance Elite 7 Chirp with Navtronics Gold from West Marine (November 2015)
Trolling Motor:Minn Kota Riptide 80lb thrust (bought in June 2015)
Quick Disconnect Block mounted in front for easy and quick removal
Two Batteries fit perfect in front compartment and quick disconnect power cord hidden in this compartment so there are no trip hazards
Also includes MinnKota Dual Battery Charger which can be mounted in the boat if desired
This Trolling Motor has no issues moving the boat in a strong wind or current. Trailer:Continental Trailer, Single Torsion Axel (Custom Made in June 2015)
Aluminum Frame, all stainless steel fittings (upgrade)
Swing Tongue
LED Lights
Spare tire and hub mounted at front of trailer
Trailer is in perfect condition and provides for a very smooth ride. Fits the boat very well making for an easy launch or load.

$26500 -

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Price seems a bit high..but, that being said...


One piece of advice...get a Marine Surveyor to review the boat...he will ping the hull for any issues, check all components electical, etc., I'd call MHP with the hull vin # to see if any serious warranty work has taken place..


600 hrs on F150 is not alot, but, realize there is some serious maint that needs to take place at 600 hrs that can run about $500-700 - check with a mechanic at your local Yamaha dealer for details - get the serial number on the engine and check with Yamaha on aforementioned as well - check engine for serious issues...before buying have the compression checked and a quick review of the engine by a dealer - costyou about another $100 or so for 1 hr labor.





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Agree with the compression check.  Do check to see if the harmonic balancer has been replaced with the latest  part number.  This is about a $600 to $700 job from a Yamaha dealer, and a MUST do  for peace of mind.  If this part fails on you, it is engine rebuild time!  If the water pump hasn't been replaced in the last year or so, I would plan on popping in a new one, again for peace of mind!

Odds are, the hull is fine.  You can tell if the boat has been garage kept for its entire life!  

I would try to negotiate the price down, especially if the aforementioned engine maintenance needs doing.  

One last thought.  If you are buying for primarily hard core inshore fishing, to me, 20 feet is kind of short for a t-top.  I have a 22, and wouldn't want a t-top to fish around.  The first day, I know I would bust a $150 rod on my back cast!!!!!

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Get a survey and after the survey is complete take it to a Yamaha dealer for a check up, especially if there are no maintenance records. Certain engine models have certain weaknesses that may or may not need addressed (like the aforementioned balancer) You can also download an owners manual so you can see for yourself what scheduled maintenance should be done and at what intervals. The survey and the Yamaha mechanic may give you some negotiating leverage if needed and if nothing else will show you what to look for in the future. 

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Thanks everyone for the replies. I will be following the advice.

I do think the boat is priced a little high, I have the seller down to 25.5 right now. If the major 600 service has not been done I will ask for that to be taken off. But the boat does seem to be in very good condition which is why I think the premium is justified.


Thanks again, does anyone have a recommendation of someone in Jacksonville that can do the engine check?






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Atlantic marine are checking the engine tonight, owner confirmed the significant 690 hr service has not been done and that the harmonic balancer has not been replaced.

That sounds like close to $1,500 in up front costs. I will wait to see what the engine inspection finds and take it from there.


Thanks again for all the help



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I know a surveyor in St Aug - Byron Capo. Im sure he will do Jax as well. Google him...I personally have never gotten a survey and not even really sure would on a boat this size, but I am pretty familiar with theses boats and their systems. And your def doing right by at least takin to Atlantic Coast and like mentioned might as well call MBC with VIN, they can tell you if it went back there for anything.   

Like others touched on, the balancers on that motor are a must. I think I remember when I was looking $1000 being general number for getting that done. 

Price seems about right for what I saw recently. The 20'ers seem to bring almost as much as the 22's...

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Check behind all the inspection plates including the one(s) leading the fuel sender,etc.  You can see if there are any problems brewing there.  If you can, for an 11 year old boat, a survey is a good investment.  That way you may have some leverage on the price if there is anything wrong, you will have the evidence to justify a price adjustment, if needed.  Good luck!

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Inquire as to the national certification of the  surveyor. I had my offshore boat done and I think I found a local one that was certified. At that time I was about $500.00 which included a multi page written report with pictures. Also had a certified marine mechanic inspect the outboard for $200.00.
Bought the boat after negotiating the repairs and enjoyed it for six years with only a battery replacement and normal motor maintenance. Survey money was well spent.


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