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There's more to Aus than fishing


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I had to go to a meeting the other day about 200 km's inland from the coast North of Townsville which if using triangulation you could say it would be between Snelly's hometown of Cairns and my hometown of Townsville on the coast line which is about 420 km's apart. On the way back towards the coast in what we call the tablelands area I took a shortcut to the coast between Ravenshoe and Millaa Millaa and on the way I took a couple of pictures on the trip to show you some of the most beautiful rainforest, dairy/beef country that exists along just inside our North Coast. The sign is from Henrettia Creek and gives you a in-site to the rainfall that falls here and if you look at the map and see Lake Tinaroo this is where the biggest impoundment Barramundi have been caught in Australia with beasts at 130 cm's and 30 kilos (70 odd pound). A place on my list to fish soon I hope.

The road I took was a short cut to get me onto the Palmerston Range but its beauty can leave you wondering how little Australia is populated and how good a place we live in and this is all within 2.5 hours drive from home. For the record I was born in Mareeba on the map so Snelly may even let me be called a Far North Queenslander.

Anyway hope you enjoy the photos and I intend to share many other places to give you a feel for our bit of terra-firma on this side of the world. But don't worry there won't be too many stories where a lure isn't getting cast in the future.



















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Hey Waz,

Great post showcasing our great location in which we live. I had some clients from Colorado last month and they were amazed by our "Wet Tropics" , wildlife, and generally lush green plants everywhere.

You are more a Far North Queenslander than me I have been up here 18 years ( so only 2 more years until I can call myself a Far North queenslander ) but was born in the south of our state.

Cheers Snelly

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Brings back memories of our brief Aussie trip to the area - Cairns, Yorkey's Knob Kuranda, Port Douglas. Wish I knew about you guys before I went 3 yrs ago. Would have been great to wet a line and see some Barras, GTs first hand. Beautiful country mate!

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