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New Law Enforcement Boat


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While travelling up to Ingham the other day I came in behind a new Law Enforcement Boat Heading North.

Pretty impresive with twin 300's on the back end and but don't reckon she would run as shallow as the Hewes though. I am sure it would be on the way towards the the top end to chase bad guys, and drug importers as we don't see this type of boat with them horsepowers over here just to check you out if you have the right life jackets or correct safety gear. :) Nice looking rig though.






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Hey Waz, those boat's are Bad *** my brother-n-law was in the coats guard and he showed me acouple of video's of them chasing some of those drug run's and I can tell you that those boat's can take on anything out their on the water felt sorry for those drug runner's cause they were beat all the time... :thumbup:

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