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Just bought 1st Pathfinder-quick question

david Terry

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I just bought my first boat, a 2005 20' Pathfinder V. It is in great condition, had everything checked out before a sea trail and no issues. When i git home I noticed that the left hand drain on the transom had a valve, but the right hand one did not. Is this normal or is the valve missing?







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RABUD's are the only way to go..don't worry about drilling holes...use lots of 5200 in the screws and it's a non issue...without them, the 05's will result in wet feet...I owned one..not a big deal to install..and no, it's the larger RABUD's..


You need to install the donut over the drain first, then screw in the cover - get clear so you can see any debris and make sure the plastic insert is pointing up so the ping pong ball will float up into it...


they work..pure and simple....enjoy the new Pathy...over the years I modified alot on it and know the guts really well, from rebuilding jackplate motors to tearing off the helm and replacing, to installing new wiring and trolling motors....it's lots of fun, buy the book the 12V bible, will help you out alot.




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