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older Pathfinder 2400 questions

paul at masthead

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Hello I'm new to the forum


I looked at a 2000 Pathfinder 2400 that had been repower with a Suzuki 250 4 stroke. The boat also had a jackplate and the power pole was mounted between the engine and transom.

the boat seemed to sit "low" in the transom. I felt with the heavier motor and the motor mounted on the jack plate was causing the boat sit stern down.

The boat ran fine, but the cockpit would fill with "what I thought" was a lot of water. maybe 3-4" high against the rear area and the water was about a foot from the back of the leaning post.

So my questions

Do the Pathfinders or older Pathfinders have a check valve, special transom flaps or another system to keep that much water out of the boats?

Are the new pathfinders re-designed to support the heavy 4 strokes?

Is that a normal amount of water for a pathfinder 2400?

    Thanks you in advance for your assistances



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Take your garden hose and spray water in the drain from the outside. If you have some type of flap or other system, the water won't pass through to the deck. The flappers last a few years, then have to be replaced because they warp and become brittle, then they no longer seal correctly. I's probably quicker and cheaper to replace the flappers with Raybuds. Look at the post in the General Forum (removing OEM drains). Got some good info about Raybuds. Maybe someone with a 2000 24 ft. will chime in with some help.

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I had a 2001 2400v PF with a 200 HPDI and later put a Yamaha F250 on it. The boat definitely sat much lower in the water after installing the F250 and water came into the scuppers. That year model was not designed to support the additional weight of the big four strokes. I ended up putting "plugs" in the drain holes in cockpit while sitting because of the water coming in. It wasn't too much of a problem in summer...but a PIA in winter months. Pathfinder changed the design a few years later to support the big four strokes. My boat did not have a jackplate. 

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