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Need new engine


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Hey guys, I have a 2000 18ft bayfisher with a 2000 115 Yamaha. The engine recently took a crap and looking to repower. I'm still debating on new or used. Also, would the weight of a 4 stroke be too much for the boat since it had a 2 stroke before? Would it be too heavy on the stern and ride low? Looking at another Yamaha but open to suggestions. 


I am in Fort Lauderdale so any advice on where to go for repower on new or used outboards would be appreciated.




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I am on the same "boat" with my 1994 Tournament 16',  I too want to repower. 

After long conversations with several more experienced boat owners, I have learned 2 things. 1) The Yamaha 2 stroke to 4 stroke upgrade in the 90-115 hp range are 100 lb's heavier. 2) If you  under power to save on the weight, you will put more strain on the motor while cruising. I was considering a F70, that weighs about the same as my Yamaha 90 2 stroke. However it would always be run at WOT and still wouldn't run the same speed as mine now. One could relocate the battery to under the console to give a bit more balance, but that would beat up the battery in rougher weather. Also, I read a bit ago, that the sag of the heavier motor causes porpoising. I haven't been able to confirm that.

I am looking for a used Yami 90 2 stroke, preferably newer with a bad powerhead, (or something repairable) or a reasonable quote on a Yami F90.

Most of the "claim to be running" 2 stroke 90's are in the $4300-$5000 range. A bit pricey for a about 10 year old box of surprises. 

Hewes in N Miami quoted me $11k without gauges, steering, or controls (using my current ones, I have 2010 gauges, wire steering, and a Yamaha 704 control.) I have seen the motor go for $8,600 + install, about $9,100, with all the warrantee and all. (Saving up for it.)

I live in Hollywood, Fl. so if I get something reasonable, I will share my point of contact.


That being said, any other pointers or oppinions would be greatly appreciated.

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I thought I read/heard the F90s have steel cylinder sleeves, which is one of many reasons, along with the overhead valve train, that they are so heavy, versus 2 strokes and some of the newer 4 strokes that do not have steel cylinder sleeves, like the F70, 4.2L Yamaha big blocks, etc.. It's one way they keep the weight down, however the engine blocks can only be used once, no cylinder repairs, pretty much a "throw away" item. 

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