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Kudos Boat Master Trailers


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My 1991 Lappy sits on a 1991 Boat Master trailer.  The torsions in the axle finally gave up..called this am. Lady asked for serial #, then she said "oh, that's a pretty old trailer". Yes, and while I have rewired (somebody did before), it's in really good shape.  She promised a call back today. By noon a guy called me, we spoke about boat, he made a few suggestions...including since they ( located Ft Myers) run by Port Canaveral each week.  They could pick up, n/c, replace axle or do a full refurb..or he could ship new axle today.  Wow!   Super helpful

.   As I took off axle yesterday, 4 SS bolts, I opted for them to ship. Also upgraded to 3500 lbs...for $50 worth extra to me.  So..as always one project leads to another.  Removed the fender, unscrewed lots of SS screws holding a plate on each side at base of bunk carpet, removed carpet...read here on forum how to put carpet on..(THANKS!).  used old piece as pattern. Put on lots of contact glue...followed with SS staples.  Tomorrow will do other bunk.

   I did ask about buying a new trailer, these appear more expensive than most brands..but this is 25 years old & still going strong.  I've had many trailers over the years: none ever lasted this long and big kudos for prompt, knowledgable customer service.  Link to their site is http://www.jdciboatmaster.com/

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