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16 Bayfisher Speeds?


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i have a 90 2 stroke and a 13x15 turbo 3 blade prop and the other day while testing with dale it did 39.5mph at 5800rpm. thats pretty typical, though it will occasionally go 40.5 at 6000 rpm. holeshot is fantastic (as dale found out ;) ) considering its a 3 blade. grip is decent with regular trim but really trimmed out it is only good for straight line basically, any steering input causes it to blow out.


I tested a 4 blade prop (i dont remember the details but Dale will since it was his prop) and it did everything worse (except grip while trimmed out) than my 3 blade. 31.9 mph at 5500 rpm, slower holeshot. it seemed to have more sternlift though as the boat felt higher in the water. Dale watched as i went by and said that he also thought the boat seemed higher in the rear than with the 3 blade.

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