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New Cobia Owner - Wintrization Questions


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Just bought a slightly used 2014 220 DC and enjoying the neck out of it.  Boat will be stored in NY so I have a few questions regarding winterization.

1.  How much fuel should be left in the tank and is there a recommended stabilizer?

2. Do you leave canvas covers on under the buddle wrap?

3. There seems to be some residual water in the live well - how to I get it out before wrapping?

4. What is the preferred cleaner for marks and scratches on the cushions and seats?

Thanks for your help. Tim 

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should top the tank off and use "store and start" stabilizer. I would leave the canvas off if you are going to shrink wrap it. have no idea what bundle wrap is. water in live well, sponge it dry and bleed all water lines from freezing. vinyl cleaner for seating.  make sure you pull hull drain plug and have transom little lower than bow for rain/snow drain. have motor winterized. leave storage compartment hatches a little open for air circulation. grease all zerk fittings on engine and leave engine down. any other questions, ask. have stored boats in ny for years, both large and small. :) fin

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if your going to lay your boat up for the winter it should be winterized, meaning,


pull transom plug so any water that may get in can drain out. have transom little lower than bow for water drainage.

if stored inside or covered, crack all compartment hatches for air circulation. place a bowl or two of charcoal in boat to absorb musty odors.

remove all cushions.

top off gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer like "store and start"

drain water and holding tanks and lines

NOTE: if using a damp rid product that collects moisture MAKE SURE YOU PLACE IT ON SOMETHING. IF IT OVERFLOWS, IT WILL STAIN WHATEVER IT IS ON.


drain oil and add new

grease all zerk fittings

keep motor all the way down

fog engine

remove prop and grease spline/shaft

there are several articles on the net regarding winterizing you boat. your engine manual should also have a section on the subject under "storing"

****if boat is normally kept in water and is going to be blocked for winter. make sure it is done properly, if not, can cause bad hull damage.

hoped this has helped a little, :) fin



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