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Said I would keep you posted. for those just tuning in on this topic read orig. first if you want.

Just returned from a sea trial too check  some things.

1. checked again, no water in bilge, ran bow high to check.

2. only myself on board this time, no fishing gear this time and 1/4 fuel not 1/2.

3. sea conditions smoother, but just as hot. 

4. running tabs full up as before.


1. at wot, this time 5600 rpm/40.2 mph vs 5400 rpm/37.7mph last time, engine trimmed out

2. at wot, trimmed engine back to 5400 rpm and got 42.2 mph. picked up almost 5 mph.

at 5400, got a better bite with prop, 5600 throwing too much rooster tail. trimmed out too much. jmo

think is was the placement of gear in fwd. locker that caused the issue and more wt. than normal. next time out will only have normal wt. and fuel onboard and check the numbers again.

NOTE: checking my log, found these were the exact numbers, 5600 rpm/42.2 mph @ WOT the day I rode my pathy home after purchase 3 1/2 years ago. good to keep records. :) fin


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