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Titusville IFA Fun

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Shelby and I fished the Titusville IFA this Saturday and also prefished a couple of days prior...She and I have never fished the area....To say we had alot of area to cover is an understatement...But what a beautiful place...

We did what research we could on Google earth, Charts, etc, but without Captain Jim Chambers friendship and tips, we would have been lost (Or stuck on a sand bar! ;) )...

We were also distracted by schools of Redfish with individuals weighing around 40 Lbs....Not useful in a slot tournament, but fantastic to watch and fish for....

During the prefishing and at the Captains Meeting it was hard to keep our confidence up as we heard many stories by Charter captains and Tournament anglers about fish that were lock jawed, and how the fish were not up to their normal numbers and missing from their normal haunts due to the fish kills this past Winter...

The only thing that really mattered is my daughter had a great adventure and received a lot of attention...It was interesting to have complete strangers and IFA management walk up to her and say "You must be Shelby" and then wish her luck and comment how great it was she was competing with her father in the Tournaments...

We have had some great adventures fishing the IFA Tournaments, but some very dismal luck when it came to weigh in...Everything from horrible weather, bad sportsmanship from other anglers, to catching plenty of fish but the wrong species or always 1/4 inch too long....It was great to finally get the stink off the boat and make the weigh in...We put several slot fish in the boat and ultimately came in 21st out of 75 boats....We didnt find those perfect 26 7/8 inch fatties, but we had some great Father daughter memories...

[color:blue]0630 take off in the first flight of boats with number 18....[/color]


















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That's what it's all about. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Nice looking fish and great to see your daughter at the scale. " you too" }:|

Best news I have heard all week. :)

OH my, I had to go back and edit. If the one you were holding Floyd looked like hers, you would be pulling 2 boats home. ;)

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That is an old push pole....I had that boat in places where the troller would no longer work, and the bottom was rubbing...

I had several of the guys in the skinny boats come up to me and ask how the hell I was able to fish some of the areas I did...Some of them said I looked funny poling that big arsed boat...

It helped that I ran the boat with a little over a half tank of fuel and Shelby is as much as 150 pounds lighter than most guys I have on the boat...

Those mini-boats didnt laugh when I p***ed them on the river at 60 MPH in a 2+ foot chop (But doing 25 MPH in some of the speed zones was a pain in the butt!!)... :P

We had a great time, fishing a beautiful area we had never fished before...

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