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2nd Annual Spartan Tournament


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As some of you know I run a fishing club at Monsignor Pace High School. Last year we had our 1st Spartan Fishing Tournament as a fund raiser for our school/club and a way to get friends, family and the community together for some fun. Thanks to over 20 sponsors, club supporters and Capt. Blanco getting a great group of guides together we all had a great time!!

We are now hosting the 2nd annual event out of La Siesta in Islamorada on August 28th. Registrations and tournament details have just started going out and we are already shaping up to easily double last years event...last year we had 12 boats (6 inshore teams and 6 offshore teams).

La Siesta has put together a group discount for us with great room prices and free dockage for the weekend for all tournament participants!

If any of you would like to join us as a team, a sponsor, a guide etc we would love to have you!

All of the forms and information (as well as the details and pictures from last year) are on our club website: PaceAnglersClub.com

Let me know if you have any questions

Scott Giberson


cell: 305 389-9752

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Check out the sponsors that are on board so far... a lot of return sponsors and some new faces making our event even better!

David Wirth is donating the 1st place trophies in each division!

Pelagic offshore gear

TTI Blakemore Fishing Group (Daiichi hooks)


Scales on the water gear

Fish Florida

and many more including the great guides that help us by taking some of our registered anglers fishing the day of the tournament!

We are still working on getting more sponsorships so the list is growing.

Check out the website for all of the event updates: www.paceanglersclub.com

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We are coming up on the final days to register... please have registrations turned in this week.

Remember, you can register to fish on your own boat/ a friends boat ($75 per angler) or we can arrange for you to fish with a guide that day ($150 per angler).

Registration includes:

Captain's meeting

Goodie bags (shirts and lots of freebies)


Awards Banquette catered by Mangrove Mikes

There will also be a raffle/auction at the banquette

As of now it looks like we will have about 20 teams this year!

With 20 + sponsors supporting us as well we are looking forward to a great weekend down a La Siesta!

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We had a great time this weekend down at La Siesta!!

A big thanks goes out to everyone that helped us organize the event (Benny Blanco, Ray Kooser at La Siesta, Mike Forster of Mangrove Mike's and many many more).

100 people joined us between anglers, guides, sponsors and guests

14 teams competed in the inshore division

7 teams competed in the offshore division

12 guides supported our event by getting most of the inshore teams out on the water and putting them on some great fish! A big thanks goes out to all the guides for a job well done and helping us bring families together, raise money for our school/ our youth fishing club!

Capt. Benny Blanco

Capt. Steven Tejera

Capt. Troy Mel

Capt. Jason Swenson

Capt. Joe Costadura

Capt. Raul Montoro

Capt. Bill Wert

Capt. Mike Kozma

Capt. Bruce Pollock

Capt. Rich Burleson

Capt. Juan Garcia

Capt. Cliff Tatje

Our first place teams in each division earned trophies made by marine artist David Wirth.

The 1st place inshore team caught 147 Trout!

The 1st place offshore team caught 6 Dolphin!

Pictures coming soon...

Check out all the details, pictures and guides/sponsors on our website: www.paceanglersclub.com

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