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1992 18.5 Master Angler

Happy Lappy

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Is this what you're looking for? This was the way it was set up when I got the boat. It takes only a few minutes to connect. As far as the trolling motor goes Motorguide sent me a new one a month ago after I had my old one in the shop three times. Before I could control the TM from a few house down the street now I have to be within 5 feet. I've only used the motor a few times since I got it and I've switched batteries on the remote twice with no luck. The old TM had a small antenna and the new one doesn't. What's the deal.


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Mine has an antenna. I can easily control it from the poling platform. You should try re-mating the remote to the trolling motor. Did you look to see if there is a place to screw the antenna in? Maybe tech took it off and forgot to reinstall.

The only problem I have had is with the servo motor in the steering. Motor Guide replaced two at no cost to me. No depreciation or fees, just straight up replaced both.

I like that connection. Next time the plug goes, I am going to add that. The plug before the current one developed a short. It got so hot it started smoking. It's a good thing my son saw the smoke and we flipped the breaker. The two halves of the plug ***embly fused together.

I have heard of them actually starting the boat on fire. So now I check them periodically when on the water for heat build up.

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Maybe the remotes with antenna work too good and people were turning the TMs on by accident and running down there batteries or breaking them off taking on and off?

I have heard of the wireless screwing up some Sonar units. You don't think your sonar could screw up your remote? Doesn't seem likely, but I am not an electrical engineer. :confused:

Let me know what you find.

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It's held up great. I fish on average once a week with the wife and two young boys. Cleans up great. Tyler from CustomCastaways recommended StarBrite Deck Cleaner with PTEF and that's all I've ever used. While my motor was getting replaced I went to check on the progress and when I saw the the amount of grease and dirt on the Seadek I about Sh$# my pants. Cleaned up just fine. I'll take some pictures for you.

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