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3rd Maverick/ The Back Country Cup in Two Weeks

charlie johnson

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3 rd Annual Maverick/ The Back Country Cup

(Technically it’s now a semi-annual event because it was such a good time everybody wanted to have it twice a year instead of just once.)

This is a casual, all release, fly fishing only tournament held in Vero Beach for redfish, snook and trout with a sheephead wildcard. ( Sheephead can be substituted for one of the three species.) The tournament is a “slam†format where each species must be caught once before multiple catches of one species are counted.

Following fishing, there will be an informal awards ceremony, BBQ and raffle (tickets given based upon number of inches scored) next to the Riverside Park boat ramp.

When: Saturday, December 4th 7:00 – 3:30 pm (Short captain’s meeting Friday evening 5:30 at The Backcountry)

Where: Vero Beach

Awards: Back Country gift certificates for largest of each individual species and overall Slam Champion (total payout net direct tournament expenses.)

Raffle: Fly tackle from leading manufactures, buff headwear, gift certificates for MBC Skiffworld apparel and numerous other boat/ fishing related items.

Entry Fee: $50 per team (2 anglers)

For more details and to register go to: http://www.verobackcountry.com/tournament.php

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Had a great time, beautiful day. I would have won that *** lizardfish prize (1 fish, 6", 8:45 AM), but I had to scram to beat the street closing for the X-mas parade.

Thanks to Charlie, Eric, all the folks at Maverick and the Back Country. This has become one of my favorite events.

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We can do better than just a list of winners. How about a video?


We have also posted a full photo gallery on the MBC facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/mbcboats

Thanks again to all who attended. Don't forget about the next one coming up on April 2nd. Late spring is when inshore fishing in Vero really shines.

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I knew the Redfish hid in the mangroves....I keep telling Don that when we are fishing and I cast into the trees with my popping corks and jigs :) :)

Great pic Benzo !!!

Lense and camera?

I just picked up a Sigma 50m f/1.4 (thanks to Tokengirl who makes me spend money ) :) :)


Thats right... squirrel fishing my butt... there's reds up in those trees like xmas ornaments.

I used a D90 with my trusty Nikkor 18-200mm lens for this shot.

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How much ?

FYI, all. The water has cleared up in Vero !


$499 plus free shipping right now....

Tokengirl is my lense Rabbi and after reading about it...I had to do it....

It's the BEST portrait lense made...9 blades and heavy as a mother due to all the gl***....

As Claire taught me, and I saw in the reviews, the Sigma does the best in terms on blurring out the background when focused on a face or other target...e.g. redfish :) :)

If you want to do shots of the kids in low light under the tree...this is the lense to get.....

What body are you shooting ???

Just google Sigma 50mm f/1.4 compatibility and it will provide you with links to all cameras and reviews....it's a pretty impressive lense....


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I just picked up a Sigma 50m f/1.4 (thanks to Tokengirl who makes me spend money ) :) :)


i contemplated going back to a prime lens for my work camera upgrade, but decided that it would cause to much trouble for the others who use that camera... (just gotta walk around a lot more!)

the sigma 50mm is sure nice with the 4:3 system i use. and being able to go to 1.4? awesome for low light conditions...

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