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New Year Tripletails

Dave Bradley

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Those guys are a rare capture on fly here in Oz, not that they are super rare you just need good weather days here to find them.

I don't eat too many fish, but my 4 year old son was with me and thought it was a good idea. We landed about 7-8 that day and kept one.

Plenty of better eating fish here than those I thought, but I'm a bit spoilt I guess.

There are plenty of species that over lap it is very interesting the more you dig.

Cheers, Dave

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Hi Guy's,

All good here in Cairns - we were very very lucky. I had a message from Dave yesterday saying he got through as well ( He lives in Tully ) without damage.

Thank you all for thinking of us. It is much appreciated.There sure has been a lot of damage around the place.

Cheers Snelly

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