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charlie johnson

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We premiered the new 2400 at our 2012 Dealer Meeting last week. To you "never can have enough bait" guys, don't worry, we are keeping the 2400 TE. More pics to come.

Some of the highlights:

- 3" more freeboard

- integrated aft deck seats with storage underneath ( ala 2200 TRS)

- walk around gunwales and under gunwale rod storage ( ala the 2300 HPS)

- forward intermediate deck/step to casting deck with insulated bucket for dry storage or can be used as fish box

- elevated console with toe kick, fibergl*** foot pod and glove box, and forward access door with tackle trays

- Larger lid and openings for rod lockers

- bow and rear livewells standard ( 2nd aft well optional)

- bigger anchor locker

- wet test with f300: 62 mph with 80 gallons of fuel


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The forward intermediate step deck is super. I much prefer this deck layout to the HPS which is very crowded up front and a pretty high first step. This one should be a good seller for you guys.

Another thing I see that I like and seems somewhat unique to this boat is most of the "useable" fishing deck looks to be preserved for the bow of the deck and not wasted in the stern. I see several Bay Boats that (in my opinion) use too much space to create a larger rear deck; a space rarely fished when in shore (everybody on the bow fishing the point with the PP holding in the back).

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nice, guys down here have been building in "forward intermediate deck steps" since you popped the first 24 footer. They build them removable out of foam and splatter paint with a large drain directly onto the floor. Holds ice well, and easy to clean. those gunnels are a winner for sure.

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I love it, you keep making the best even better! My only complaint with my 24TE is the console and leaning post need to be moved forward a tad, it makes working behind the leaning post tight for setting out lines or getting into the cooler or live wells. It is a hands down fish raising machine with cl***ic sexy lines!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the pics coming.


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Really really nice. You guys are getting these boats refined just perfectly. I am curious about the intermediate step? What's under it? Looks like storage of some kind.

My only comment is that if you added a cooler seat in front of the console, it looks like it might get a bot busy up there. But I still like it. The under gunnel rod storage, killer storage elsewhere, slightly higher freeboard, etc. This would perfect for me.

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great looking boat, and i am happy to see you guys incorporating under gunnel rod holders. this is the only thing not perfect about my pf22.


I am one of those oddballs that would like more room for the rear deck, lol. (one of my biggest complaints with my friends hells bay marquesa, there is just no room back there). Gives my fly casters a bit more room, and with the ipilot, they can now always keep the fly line over the water, instead of casting over the boat.

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Wow. Just when you thought all the rabbits were out of the hat. I'll take two as soon as I when the lottery.

62mph? Is that with a t-top?

Figure it for an upper 50's boat with full rigging, gear and crew.

I want to know the same question.

Asoon as I think they top the cake they come out with another one and WOW its a nice one . I love the seats and new bow deck. Good job boys!

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We're still waiting for the bulk of photos from last week's post dealer meeting photo shoot. When we get them in, we'll have a lot to post. I fished the boat one evening in Stuart as part of the shoot. There's a lot to like on this boat, that's for sure. Many substanitive changes that for many will mean quite a lot. We can't wait for the world to see her !

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