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Livewell Demo, part 2


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23 hours ago, Kim said:

I am trying to watch the video, but it says private. I need to know how to operate the bubbler on my live well. I have a 2022 Pathfinder 2200 TRS

Create a new thread in General Discussion\ General Forum and I am sure you will get a response.

That video is from 2011.

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2 hours ago, Drill2Fish said:

Ahhh thank you sir! Where do you get the clear pipe? How about just drilling holes in the original pipe? 

I ordered mine from  http://clearviewbaitwellfilters.com online. It is the Filter-Extra Large  $34.95

You remove the top cap from the existing standpipe and slide the black adapter on. It is held with stainless set screws making it adjustable. You then just slide the clear tube over the standpipe and it fits onto the black adapter.  I insert the standpipe with the Clearview Filter into the live well and it stays in place, no need for the flat cover or another hardware.

Mine has lasted almost 10 years.

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