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Cobia 296CC Walk Through


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I have a 2013 296 and am concerned that the deck drains around the deck floor hatches are draining into the bilge.

Effectively this means the boat is not self bailing which is a problem both at the slip with rainwater draining into the bilge and draining the batteries down but offshore a big wave into the boat would also end up in the same place minus what would go out thru the scuppers. If enough water would get into the bilge before the scuppers were clear I'm going down.

Anyone have a similar problem?

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I'm impressed.

I received an return email from Skip at Maverick Boats this morning less than 10 hours after emailing him last night explaining my issue.

They have a kit available to my local dealer that will fix the problem. Current 296's do drain all floor box gutters overboard.

Thanks Skip!

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