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Checking out some new structure


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While trouble shooting a fuel problem I launched my Hewes by myself at around 10.00 am on a Saturday thanks to the new ramp pontoon that allows me to launch and tie up while I park the car.

The conditions were good and although the creek is a 6 knot zone towards the mouth if you go up stream which has no boats, wharfs or pontoons you can give it your best.

With new filters fitted I let loose with all going well but seeing a couple of nice banks decided it was time for a fish so pulled up and dropped the electric. Couldn't believe it but managed about 6 small barras up to 24 inches which I released to grow some more in about 15 minutes.

Decided to head up stream to some new strucutre being a new bridge being built which had some nice rock formation placed before christmas which has well and trully been settled. On the way I pulled in and side scanned the Army's flat bottomed landing craft wharfs (Yes we have no security over here - and they don't seem to work weekends)and then on the opposite side is the prawn trawling wharf which I didn't take a picture off but there is some serious castnetting that goes on here when the big bannana prawn runs.

I pulled up after scanning past to see what was about and saw a couple of my mates nephews who had just caught a really nice Mangrove jack and they said they were getting hit with most casts around the rocks. I dropped the electric and decided to cast a few different types of lures from hard bodies (Gold Bomber being the best) to soft plastic's with the Jackall Transam which I managed to cacth a baby Bream on. All were released to grow a bit but I ended up with about 8 Mangrove Jacks, 3 Estuary Cod and 2 Bream.

All fish were released for another day but took a picture of a few Mangrove Jacks which are the best eating creek fish over here and hardest fighting fish around. These are babies and grow in the creeks up to 20 inches and then move to the inshore shoals and outer reefs where they grow up to another 15 to 20 inches and live in a bit deeper water.

Was a good lunchtime muck-around and troubleshooted my fuel problem (different story and not the engine) which I have now sorted so was a good 4 hour session to catch a few fish and also have some data to take to my Mechanic.

Here is a couple of photos from the venture:



























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Hey Irishbilly,

On my 16RF Redfisher there is a specific spot where the factory fit a support plate for electrics. My fitter back in 2005 tapped into this and I have never had a problem and I actually never take my electric off even if I head out to inshore reefs, sometimes I use it for stealth when chasing tuna or positioning myself over bombies.

Your best bet for your rig is to post the question in the Hewes Section as there will be people there that have the same setup as you and will give you the best advice on how to set it up.

I am sure someone will have some knowledge on whats best for your rig.


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