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Need help with my 1993 16 bonefisher


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Hey guys I just bought a 1993 16 bonefisher with the 90hp Yamaha and I love the boat however I need to totally outfit it. I'll be fishing predominantly in SW FL (Marco to Chokoloskee) and sometimes down in the Keys I would love if you guys could help me out with:

Trim tabs: size?, electric?, edge mount or regular?

Trolling motor: thrust lbs?, shaft length?, is the I-pilot system worthwhile?, 12v or 24v?

Underwater lights: blue, red or white?

Thanks in advance, I can't wait to get out fishing!

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I would get the electric Lenco's. Mine are recessed, so I am not sure best mount for your hull. For a trollig motor I would get the most powerful 12v. I also like the longer shaft, so that the prop doesn't blow out when a boat wake rocks the boat or you are trying to hold position in some current or waves.

I thought about under water lights, but decided against any unneccessary holes in the hull. I don't night fish and don't see any fishing value in them. They are getting cheaper and a few companies are making them so that you can change color through the switch. For brightness the colors go from least per lumin, blue, then green, red and white.

I don't have an I-pilot and many love thiers. When my remote unit dies, I am replacing with the hand tiller model. I fish single handed alot and it's hard to fight a fish and work the remote in close quarters, like Choko mangrove islands!

Enjoy the boat. I'll look for you when I am down there. I get to Caxambas and Choko several times a year.

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tabs are nice fore evening things out if you have a natural list to one side... i have a swim platform on the starboard side at water level, and it alway picks that side up while on plane... a tap or two keeps things level...

honestly, i'll never have another boat without them...

but if you have a nice level machine on plane, you might not need them.

a light little bonefishee should only need a 12v motor, but if you fish a lot of heavy tides and deeper water, you might want more thrust... but i bet a 12v would work fine.

i like my ipilot a lot... it's nice when fishing alone, or holding the boat in a spot...

and underwater lights? this is a fishing boat, eh? make sure everything else in the boat is lit up well first... hehehe :P

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underwater lights? this is a fishing boat, eh? make sure everything else in the boat is lit up well first... hehehe

Hey Squid....that's funny.....and true!!

I'm about to upgrade my TM from the original one from 1998, a Motorguide 12v 36lb thrust, to another 12v, however I think it's now up to around a 52lb thrust. I have never had an issue with the 12v on my 16'er. Oh yeah, the 27 series battery also runs the air pump and bait well pump. I've never killed it in a day of fishing. My two cents.....

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