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Home Studio Set Up


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Getting ready for the home studio set up...

Less $ spent on Fishing and boating these days :)

Plus, I've just about bought everything I need, drilled all the holes I can in the boat, and don't fish as much (LOL).


Here's a shot...more to come over the weekend...

Using top quality stuff...Lastolite Speed light Octabox and Strip box...Firefly Beauty Octabox dish.

Using SB 910, SB900 and SB 600's for the lighting all remotely controlled from the camera using Commander Mode on the Nikon D7k.

Will set up the back drops and set up for the dog pics over the weekend when they come home from the groomers...

Plus, my daughter is graduating with her Master's in Nursing and was going to have "pictures" taken with her cap and gown...I said, NO WAY..I'll buy more lights before I spend $200 on somebody else to take your pics (LOL)..



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