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2400TE Electronics Suggestions

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Hi All,

New to the board after purchasing a 2007 2400TE this week. 

The boat needs a new sonar/GPS unit and has never been rigged with any sound system, so is a blank slate in both regards. If any of you are really happy with your depth finder/GPS unit, I'd appreciate suggestions.  The prior unit was bracket-mounted, but I'd like to flush mount and it looks like a 9" screen will fit adjacent to the glove box. If anyone has had a bad experience with a newer unit, that feedback would also be appreciated. 

Same question regarding sound system set-up. For those with an amp -- do you think it is worth it? I'm thinking two speakers in the front step-up facing back and one on each side of the console. Any other ideas? 

Thanks in advance for any feedback. 


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You are going to get many opinions on this subject, most of which are based on actual experience....... here is my 2 cents worth :  I have a 2009 year / 2200XL with a  Garmin 94SV flush mounted gps / sonar unit. I did add the G2 Blue Chart maps chip with my area for better detail......the Garmin is simple to use / they have really good technical customer services ( for old geezers like me that are electronically challenged ) and they will walk you through any issue you have. I have owned several Garmin units and have been happy with them. My marine stereo radio is nothing fancy : JL Audio brand am/fm cd player and JL marine speakers. So far it has held up well at three years old, the speakers are mounted on each side of console / radio is mounted inside the console.    Good luck with your new boat. 


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