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Redo non-skid on 22 TE how much


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On 10/8/2017 at 7:17 PM, redzone1 said:

Does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to have the non-skid reapplied to a 22 TE?  The current non skid is almost non existent.

properly, I would imagine $3-5K...it's alot of work when done properly..it requires a huge amount of prep work, taping, cleaning, etc.

That's just my guess as I've not done it...but, from the little i know about glass work, it's probably 30-40 hours of hand labor and shooting the gelcoat.

The MHP redid my rear deck and all the hatches several years ago on my 95 pathy, and it was about $1500..they were doing some warranty work on the hull, and the boat was right at 5 years...it was pretty beat up from cast nets, etc. and I asked them to have it done at the refurb shop on site they used to have...

SeaDeck is definately the other option depending on your fishing style...not good for heavy live bait guyz, but, great for arti throwers, etc.

Call Bob at Inshore Marine, or maybe he will comment..he does great work and can give you a true comparision between SD and new Gel - he did some glass work for me where I cut out a large hole in the console....and you could never see it...




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For anyone else wondering I was told $2,500 to $3,000 by a very reputable guy in the industry.  

Dustin:  not yet.  We got very close to a 2016 23 HPS but we ended up being $3,500 apart.    My laser focus on the market value and marketing time just wouldn’t let me pull the trigger

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