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HPS 23 Anchor Locker


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So I have 2 questions like to get your thoughts:

Are there any sprays/cleaners that work without scrubbing in order to clean the grime?  Or best to use standard cleaner and scrub brush?


More importantly, has anyone had their anchor bang and chip the anchor locker?  I use a sea claw anchor and rope only (no chain).  The sea claw has a stainless steel shaft that is solid and must be banging back and forth.  Wondering if anyone has a solution better than my slipping a foam float noddle over the shaft.




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I do two things to protect against the anchor from banging around in the locker,

First, I lined my locker from all the way down on the bottom of the locker floor up to the top with the 12" square rubber mats from West marine.  I have four running up the center.  at first they are a little stiff but flexible enough to fold to fit the inside angle of hull. After a while they conform to fit nicely.

Second, I use a piece of a pool noodle, slit down one side and it fits snug on anchor on shaft. 

I also keep a towel folded over the top of the anchor which keeps it snug against hatch when closed, keeps it from bouncing upward. 

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Use either Comet or Bar Keepers Friend and a scrub brush.

The picture of the anchor appears to show two very sharp corners on the top of the shaft on either side of the shackle.  You might try to grind those down into a rounded corner.

I don't know what the anchor locker looks like on the 23, here is how I hold my Danforth Hi Tensile anchor in place on my 2200 TRS...


The SS screws keep it from moving side to side...


the small hasps hold it down in rough weather.


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I have the same boat and anchor combo.  I used an old rubber floor mat from a car, cut to fit in the anchor locker area that protects from the anchor banging on the inside of the hull.  I use the end of the bolt from the bow hook to hold it in place (cut a hole in the mat and press it onto the exposed bolt end)   It's easy to remove and clean when needed.  Bar keepers friend and a brush does the job.

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Cleaning with bleach and Dawn dishwashing detergent (use toilet bowl brush).

Line bottom of locker with rubber mat.

I also use a Sea-Claw with no chain, but I cut the cross bar off both sides of the shaft. The cross bar doesn't effect how the anchor holds, it's just there to hang the anchor in the locker. Without the cross bar, my anchor lays in the bottom of the locker on the rope. I installed a little stainless hook up top and just loop the rope around the hook so I don't have to lay on my belly to get the anchor out of the locker.

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