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1988 Maverick Deluxe


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Im working on getting mine to look more like the schwaggen. Ive got some little projects here and there but for the time time being, it runs great and is such a solid flats boat.

Since these pictures were taken I have replaced the rope in the rub rail so that it is nice and new and goes all the way around the boat.

The one picture shows the center console hatch that we made with the teak frame and new hinges, plexigl*** etc. You can sorta see the new carpet and the teak that I have replaced so far. Still working on getting all those pieces re-finished and put back into place... and of course... the signature Natty Light can.

And no, I'm definitely not a captain, my friend's dad that made the teak frame for me milled that piece of metal and put the writing on there with a logo for me. I think that turned out great. Hopefully all of my projects will go that well!

Let me know what you think.






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Hey, that's my rig! I've got an 88, too, with a different deck cap, the one for the smaller platform with the battery and fish boxes outside.

Otherwise the same hull.

Have you got the drilled out baitwells, too? Lot of water weight back there

Out of curiousity since I've been thinking about repowering for several years, what's your cruising and WOT speed with that 115? You happy with performance?

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Haha, it is anything but "too bad" to be a Gator these days... besdies the fact that we're becoming spoiled from winning all these championships :P

Thanks for all the responses... and yes, I am very happy with the 115 4 stroke on there. I usually cruise around 32-35 or so at around 4200 rpms but I have had it up to 46 @ 5700 with me and another guy and about half a tank of gas.

I do have the water weight issues with the old school livewells but I do have trim tabs as well as a hydrofoil over the skeg and I can pop the boat up on plane no problem.

A friend of mine has a 2001 18' hewes with the short shaft 130 on it and I can almost keep up with him when both of us are at WOT. He just barely pulls away at about 48mph to my 44-45.

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Thanks for the reply. That's almost exactly what I am getting with my carbed v6 150. That's encouraging cuz I've been thinking of going down HP-wise for weight-cost reasons when I repower.

Of course, I've been thinking about this four about three years ... but one of these days.

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Too bad about being a Gator and all....


UGA cl*** of '88

True True, FSU, cl*** of 1989.

I just gotta tell you, your picture on the bottom is just about the coolest looking signature I have seen on the web, and the name Schwaggen, what a name for a boat.

Not to offend the owners of any of the newer MHP products, but the Deluxe is what a flats boat is supposed to look like. The bow entry, the lines, the straight up and down console and that flat steering position all scream, cl***ic flats boat!

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