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43 minutes ago, Donh said:

Why don’t they shake out their net over the water? That’s on the end of the dock. In my mind it qualifies as a littering fine.The best dock across the cove was closed because of behavior like this.



Typical Flyfisherman crying :)

I agree, why doesn't someone at least send it over for the crabs...

I have no issues with killing a few lbs of extra bait....the ecosystem will absorb it...but, to leave on the dock, the smell, it's slippery, and a health hazzard.



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It's called waste for the idiots that do it.

I have never in now 50 plus years not used everthing that I have killed from the wild on purpose.

Still not sure what your pic is showing? Maybe a bunch of net wreckers shook out of a net that are gonna be dead no matter what. My driveway has looked like that before.

Wife makes me pick up every one of them and then I make chum to kill more of them out of a mess like that you show on that dock. Yes, pilchards are cannibals.:D


There is no excuse for the pic you posted. It is wanting and willing waste and I believe there is a law against it. I would have raked them up and thrown them in the back of the guys truck if I had the chance. The blow flies and buzzards would likely lead to a easy conviction.

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