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PCF Tournament

Capt. Troy

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Last week end the annual Pediatric cancer foundation tournament was another  great success. Hard to believe where it has come from 20 years ago. Was a sight to see 70 guide boats depart the Vinoy basin Saturday morning. The first year I fished it 20 years ago I think there were 20 or so boats. Hats off to all the guides for making this happen.

Fishing was pretty good considering all of the traffic and water condition. Tons of floating grass and some very dirty water. A lot of snook caught and some big ones up to 40 inches. The 1st place slam was 91 inches caught by Captain Rob Gorta one of the 3 Captains awarded for 20 years of continuous service for the event.


Lucky Strike:  Captain Terry Russo    (Steve Whitlock Framed Art)
10 Year Service:  Captain James Goodwin, Captain Richard Silkworth     
(Polo with Designated Captain)
20 Year Service: Captain Dave Markett, Captain Robert Gorta, Captain Troy Sapp   
KC Scott Framed Art)

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4 hours ago, DonV said:

THAT Sir is something to be very proud of!!!!!!! Outstanding results and dedication. :)

Proud yes. Try not to post things like this at the risk of being seen as bragging.

I am an advocate to the cause. The client I brought to them several years ago has raised more money in the last 5 years than they have raised in the previous 15 years.

Thank you Bridgestone Retail Operations and the millions they have raised in the last 5 years. BFRO has committed a huge effort. All because of their at the time CEO understanding the need to find and cure childhood cancer and make the effort to do so.

My kids are grown now. When they bring the little ones on the dock prior to the tournament for their little derby at the Vinoy and I sit with them and catch pinfish off the dock I have yet not been able to not shed a tear in 20 years.

Them youngins are some tough little critters.


The happy part is over 20 years the survival rate and cure is much better than when this all started. That is all I need to hear.

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