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Center Live Well Drain - 2200V

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Doing a lot of maintenance this fall on my 2000 model 2200V Pathfinder.  While in the bilge area, I noticed that my live well drain plastic hose has a kink in it.  It is kinked so badly that I am worried that it is going to split.  Not sure if this hose originally had a loop in it that has kinked over time or not.  It looks original and the thru hull looks dry rotted. 

Being that this could be a bad situation if it burst, I am going to attempt to replace it.  The pie hole is so small that this will be a fun task........most of the work will have to be done by feel......Anyone else run into this situation?  I am considering putting a valve at the thru hull that can be shut off......just in case down the road.  

Any reason I couldn't use a heavy duty rubber hose in lieu of this ribbed plastic hose?  

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It was T-H Marine brand put on by a Master Repair in Stuart.  I am not sure if T-H Marine still has that model.  If I recollect right, the dimensions are close to 11 x 17. But Jim Black makes a high quality hatch also.  There are 4 latches that allow the entire hatch to be removed for the best access.  It should be the first upgrade by any owner of the older generation Pathfinders!!!!  It should be an easy straightforward install....not nearly the “pain in the butt” it is trying to work thru the small round plate.  It is the upgrade that keeps on giving!  LOL

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