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Pre-Fish for 2012 Hinchinbrook Barra Tournament


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With boats and wagons loaded we came from all directions for this years 2012 Hinchinbrook Invitational Barra Tournament.

Taking some days off prior allowed myself and my fishing mate Ben who flew in from Weipa (500 miles away) to have a look around the channel and put in place some tactics and run too spots, time frames for running at different speeds and a general have some fun, catch a fish or two and better still have a cold ale and catch up for the actual Tournament fishing days in front of us.

I picked up Ben from his parents place on the way through who picked him up from the airport the night before and rocked up at his place about 7.00 am, loaded his gear and we headed off for the 140 km trip to pick up the boat from The Ingham Tackle Shop who were fitting the new Gen 2 Sounder and new I-Pilot. Now at any Tackle shop by the time we got going it was hours after and our mate Parkesy in the Bonefisher rang and said they had launched alrerady. We got to the motel booked in, unloaded and headed to the ramp to find good conditions and headed down the channel.

Here is some of the photos of the pre-fish days and as the week went on the weather deteriorated as you expect, got a lot colder (air and water temp)which is never good and the cloud rolled in with the high winds.

We come across Snelly at the ramp on one of the days - always great to see another Hewes and he gave me a present (Tampering with my flats boat and cop a flogging sticker) at the ramp and we talked about the fishing, weather and our boats as usual. He is a legend and I put the sticker on and everyone who seen it loved it and asked where they could get one - Told them sorry no flats boat no stickers allowed. :)

We did a bit of everything, threw the flyrod, chucked bombers at drains, hard bodies at snags, soft plastics at things we were marking on the sounders and managed to catch some barras and I caught my first lure thrown Threadfin Salmon about 850 mm which was a m***ive highlight for my week and third cast of the trip (pity it wasn't in the tournament).

Good country, good company, barras caught and released and then the weather closed in and this was just the pre-fish. Wait till the next story.





























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