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Savannah Ga. trout / bass


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JEM and I teamed up this morning and put the whammy on the trout and redfish with Zara Spooks at daylight, followed by screwtails and a few shrimp to finish up with the limit of trout and redfish with a bonus flounder in 2 hours. We caught an additional 12 to 15 releases and then decided to go get a burger and a few specialty cocktails to celebrate our catch.....a really nice morning 🎣👍🎣👍🎣 

here is our morning catch and our hangout for an early lunch.....so early...we had to patiently wait for them to open. Well worth the wait.




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53 minutes ago, whichwaysup said:

I am seeing a meet and greet down your way.  Halfway between here and Florida.  Bet nag and palmetto would make the run with me.  We could get ole Hurricane up there.  Heck, by the end of the day, you guys would be shoppin for Master Anglers to replace those funny looking flats boats you have!  ;)

I never have understood the "insane" love and fascination for those crazy, pointy looking john boats all you fellows have!!!!!  I could cure all of you if you come fish on a "real" fish boat just once!!!!!!  Just set up an appointment with Doctor JEM and come on down for your cure!:D

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