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"Un official Review" Pathfinder 26 TRS - My Buddy's


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My friend from Guatemala bought a new TRS from Family Boating in Tampa a few weeks ago and we just had time to get together and have a day on the water.

Location: Sarasota / Venice Area: It's a 26 TRS - 300 HP Yamadog, JP, single 10' blade, FB T-Top wth Fusion Stereo, 36V TM 112lb

1.) The boat is a beast - he'll be using it for about 70% family cruise and 30% hard core fishing (some near shore wrecks, some in the bay)

2.) The 112 lb worked well on the vessel - held us in a wind on anchor lock and moved us about - slowly, but, continuously 

3.) The Engine popped you up on plane and was getting real world 2.8-3 MPG 

4.) T-top is great - holds the stereo speakers above your head and to the bow - great tunes..he has the removable teak table and all the cushions on the bow....wow !! Very nice for the wife and kids to sit up front and the fisherman to work the stern....lots and lots of room.

5.) I used the TM most of the day to move along shores, etc. and around the dock...it worked well to handle the boat close in

6.) We took it out of Venice Inlet to chase some mackerel and it handles a nice ocean chop with ease....we ran from Venice to Siesta Key on the outside and it was a smooth, nice ride in a NE 10-15mph wind...tabs down and we were cruising at 28 mph with no hard bouncing.

7.) It's a big boat to use for inshore bay fishing up close for areas that are unknown, but, for grass flats and working docks, it was very comfortable....you are just not going to "push it off" an oyster bar easily if you get sideways....so you need to watch yourself a bit....

8.) Seems like the ideal boat for the " hobby fisherman who wants to do some nearshore and offshore and bend a rod" with the family....but, is not real hard core for either location, e.g. flats or offshore...it'll be a good boat for the summer to cruise the outside for snook on a calm day or pompano's when the run starts....

9.) Fit and finish was very nicely done...lots of room in the bilge for the repairs and well laid out....

10.) Three seats across and more storage than even I can fill :) under the seats.

11.) We had a great time, and I can easily see a family of 4 having a great day on the water for  a combined fishing and beach day...lots of range with a 70 gallon tank and the step up ladder was nice addition.

If this is the type of boater you are...this would be a nice addition.....

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