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Please help! 2008 21ft Hewes Redfisher


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Hey Guys, 

I'm in the market for a new boat since I recently lost my MA21 and I've stumbled across an 08 Redfisher 21 with an 08 Yamaha F225. The boat seems to be In great condition but the seller has mentioned that the motor was rebuilt late 2015/2016 with new heads and block and only has 20 hours on it since the rebuild (all done by a certified Yamaha tech)... She told me they had everything on the boat checked out, everything works properly and the compression on the motor is good. It is listed at $25,000, what are you opinions on this price? Do you think it's a good deal? should I be worried about the rebuilt motor?

Any info/ opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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1 hour ago, linesider 159 said:


Motor should be dialed in. Get below deck and check out stringers etc....or hire a marine surveyor. 21' Hewes and MA's are hard to find these days w/4 strokes for $25K. 

Be careful talking about that boat on here! Someone will buy it out from under you...LOL. 


Look at that ad price back in 2008 for basically a new loaded 21' Hewes in 2009. $38K for 100hrs w/4 stroke. That's a sweet sled. Now "if" they build it or MA 21' now you may be looking at around $70K+??? Why?

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19 minutes ago, VS- 21MasterAngler said:

Thanks for the info guys! Someone out in a full price offer yesterday... So it looks like I'm still on the hunt. 

If you're looking for a 21' Hewes, I know of a boat that I was going to buy that may be for sale. It's in the Sebring area and he was looking at around that $25,000 mark. It's a 2005, new 10' power pole, motor dialed in etc...Let me know if your'e interested and call to see if he's still looking to sell. The wrap is on there because he didn't like the hull color. I think it's a green/aqua color. 


Sorry about the sideways photo's. Not sure why it's doing that. I can't figure out to make them straight. 








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