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Savannah Area


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Whew!!!!  That is a tall order, and too bad about the weather forecast.  Anywhere you can get out of the wind before and after each tide change will be a moral victory........trout might just be a bonus.  You will have to stay in the rivers or get behind an island or land mass.  Even large, exposed rivers like the South Channel will be tough to fish on a 20 knot noreaster!  You might need to look around behind Skidaway Island and find some clear water.   That said, there will still be trout biting.......somewhere.  This is turning into a banner year on the trout.   I have been on the water every weekend for about 4 or 5 straight weekends, and got limits every trip.  If I go, I will be looking to get behind an island somewhere!!!    Maybe Mr. NOAA Forecaster will lower the forecast a little before this weekend.  At least that is what I am hoping for.  Good luck! 

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