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2400 TRS Motor Choice-Factory Advice Needed

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I am considering buying a 2400 TRS. I see some of them have teh Yamaha 250 SHO with a 20" shalf and some with a F300 xca with a 25" shaft. I thought boats were designed to run with specific shaft lenth. If I go with the 300xca would this mean I would have to have the jack plate high up. Please explain. I do not want to make a mistake. I see that the performance numbersw on teh Pathfinder website is based on the 300xca.



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I responded to your email this morning.

We offer both the 20 and the 25" shaft engines on the 24, along with the 23HPS. We are able to do so with an extended (10") jackplate and mounting said jackplate lower on the transom.

We rig as many 20" engines on these models as we do 25.


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I have an '11 24 TE with a 250 SHO. the performance and economy of the 250 is very similiar to the 300. i have seen 63.3 light with the 250. there are a couple of advantages to the 250 sho:

1. $5k less than the 300 (due to rigging, and motor price.)

2. better shallow water performance due the higher X dimension, i can run or get on plane with the JP all the way up. the hull will ground before the motor.

3. It looks cool and Sounds meaner!

4. Low Water pick-up provides over 15PSI to the motor no matter the trim and JP settings. Even all the way up on both.

5. it is 100lbs lighter, so less draft and stern weight which helps with speed.

The only drawbacks that i have seen:

1. is when you come off plane it does wet the cowling. the water does not enter the motor but just makes me come off plane a little slower.

2. Mounting a power pole on a JP bracket is a little more involved due to the additional width of the cowling scoops.

I love my SHO and will probably order the next one with a SHO.

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I agree with FWP3. I would only add it depends on where & when you fish.

The 250SHO is a great motor for inshore use. I'm a snowbird so I deal with winter tides so the 20" is better for me as well for inshore fishing. I would have selected the 300 with the 25" lower unit if I primarily went offshore.

Speed is no longer important to this old fart. That's the reason I sold my Lake & Bay Boca Grande...

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